31 December 2009

bonne annee!

Happy New Year, friends! Here's to an excellent next decade.

{pretty, festive garland from Rivulette}

28 December 2009

new year jewelry

Look at the lovely things that Stephanie Renee at Dores has planned for the New Year. I love how delicate and interesting each piece is. The Dores vintage shop is quickly becoming one of my standbys, and I've always been tempted to buy a necklace or bracelet as well.

In other news, Kate's also got a few new things up her sleeve for the New Year...

15 December 2009

anti-corporate gift guide

Hi friends,

the holidays are approaching, and as usual, Christmas gift madness has set in among many. Last weekend, Montreal's streets were filled with bustling shoppers, and my little yarn shop was overrun with folks purchasing last minute gift materials. I'm knitting all the gifts I give people this year in an effort to hold out against consumerism, but if I was buying things, these lovely - and almost entirely hand-made - selections would be at the top of my list.

From top: lovely jewelry from Milwaukee-based Dores :: Steven Alan cotton-wool Whitman top :: a hand-knit version of this hat that Erica made, using this wool :: Hello Handmade's Laureled tea towel :: Wonder Wonder's knit necklaces :: hand-printed cotton totes from little glowing lights.

09 December 2009

winter, knitting, and 100 posts

Hi all, welcome to million dollar swim's 100th post! I'm looking out at a dark, snowy Montreal night - it's coming around to that cold, calm stillness that follows a big storm like the one we had today. I'm holed up cozily in my apartment though, listening to Charlotte Cornfield (my friend Dom's roommate), and working away at a few knitting projects - I finished this hot water bottle holder yesterday, and I'm just starting this slouchy hat as a gift for my grandmother. Here's to the encroaching winter...