30 April 2009

paint chip art

Claire Teschel makes tiny collages out of paint chips and found materials that I really love. They all have a bit of a nostalgic feeling that's hard to pinpoint. Claire mats these and frames them; the results, among other things, are for sale in her Etsy shop

22 April 2009

earth-friendly fashion

In honor of Earth Day, some eco-conscious picks from everybody's favorite green designer, Stewart + Brown.

16 April 2009

vintage kitchen

I'm really liking this vintage-y kitchen stuff from Three Potato Four today. It reminds me of the kitchenware that was around when I was young, before new stuff got super slick and lost its character. There are tons more great old things where these came from, so check out the shop!

15 April 2009

we feel fine

So I'm in the midst of a small obsession with TED talks (which, if you don't already know, are amazing) and I recently listened to one given by Jonathan Harris, a self-described collector of stories. Harris is the founder of We Feel Fine, a project that aims to amass and share the feelings of ordinary people everywhere. Harris' internet program constantly scans the web for blog posts that contain the words 'I feel...' Each sentence containing the phrase is then incorporated into We Feel Fine, which catalogues and visualizes all the feelings collected into one huge interactive website. The site itself is organized into six 'movements,' or six different ways to view the data about what we as a society are feeling. If this description has left you confused, that's because you have to see We Feel Fine to get it. See Harris' TED talk here, and hop on over to the website to check it out for yourself. 

13 April 2009

Matta NY

Spring is slowly but surely arriving, and all I want to wear these days is a breezy, summery dress from Brooklyn-based  Matta. Everything designer Cristina Gitti makes is unique and interesting. There are beautiful scarves, sandals, and other fun things to be seen on the website

04 April 2009

exciting news

Dearest readers, I am quite happy to tell you that I, your faithful blogger, was recently elected to be the coordinating culture editor at a lovely old rag called the McGill Daily. As of September I'll be working at the paper, cranking out two issues a week and hopefully having a grand old time. For more info about my new home, click here! And never fear, blogging will continue as usual as soon as I climb out from under this huge stack of work!