17 September 2009

inspiration: scandinavian modern

Next up in our inspiration series: Scandinavian modern. There's something about Scandinavian design that just gets it right: cheerful with out being saccharine, clean without being spare, stylish without being pretentious. If I ever redecorate, I might just have to go down this route...

Clockwise from top left: sneak peek of Isabel Penzlien's home on Design Sponge; another D*S peek, this time of Nadja Muller's home; Skinny Lamixx tea towel; more of Isabel Penzlien's lovely spaces; j. mendicino bowls from Three Potato Four; an image of the brick house; Lecien 'my folklore' fabric; photo from tas-ka; chic on wheels in Copenhagen; Xenia Taler tiles at Three Potato Four; bertoia chairs for kids.

p.s. I highly recommend that you click on the collage to expand it - there's much more detail to be seen...

11 September 2009


I know I said I was trying not to purchase many new clothes this fall, but my gosh that gorgeous dress from Preloved is tempting me. The Canadian company makes all their pieces out of repurposed fabric, so each piece is unique, and also very friendly to the environment. In the last few years their clothing has been getting increasingly beautiful and interesting; stop by the website to check it out.

sessun for fall

Of all the fall collections I've looked at so far, Sessun has to be one of my favourites. The whole feeling of it is exactly in line with how I want to look this fall. And that black dress! Perfection.

seen first here.

05 September 2009

inspiration: modern eclecticism

For the next installment of our inspiration series, some images centered around modern eclecticism. Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left: Urban Outfitters sofa; fabric detail from Globalweave Textile at Purl Soho; a favourite Sartorialist image; Wayne Pate 'flock' print; Jill Malek's living room, as seen on Design Sponge; photo from John Robshaw; Java pillow from Enid; fabric detail from Globalweave Textile at Purl Soho; unknown photo of an inspiration board that I found in a folder on my desktop - where is this from?? I have no idea...; John Robshaw light indigo block print; railroad tie plinths from here.

03 September 2009

the fall wishlist returns...

It's going to be hard, I'm making a concerted effort not to spend too much money unnecessarily this fall. Fall shopping is, for some reason, this big THING that always takes over, but this year I really don't need to buy anything. There are a couple of basics, though, that I'm going to consider purchasing, and lace-up ankle boots are definitely one. I'd like to try and get them vintage, but just the same, here are some contenders from around the web. Which do you like best?

(above, Jeffrey Campbell Metropolitan)

(black leather granny boots from apricot baby baby, on Etsy)

(Old World Lace Ups at Anthropologie)

(Jeffrey Campbell Everybody)

Or, do I want desert boots, like these from Rachel Comey, above, or Clarks (?!), below?

02 September 2009


I know I just got back from a vacation, but how much do I want to go spend some time at this amazing, 103 year old house right now? So much. From here, here, and, originally, here.