25 June 2010

i wish i lived...

This house is a bit more modern than my usual style, but oh, that cathedral ceiling / window combination is amazing. 

Happy weekend, all! See you next week.

23 June 2010

dishcloths by the seasons

Claudia Pearson makes the loveliest printed sackcloth dish towels, one design for each season. By the end of the year you'll be able to buy a set of four.

17 June 2010

pauper voile

Lovely, just-offbeat-enough scarves from Pauper Voile. Via Frances May

11 June 2010

i wish i lived...

here, taking baths all day long!

Happy friday, all. I'm so happy to be spending a week with my family at our home on Nantucket. Hope your weekends are equally sunny and fun.

(image via Skona Hem.)

07 June 2010

monday flowers

from Saipua. Because it's finally stopped raining in Montreal (just in time for me to leave for a week. Ah well).

01 June 2010