25 January 2010

cheery, cross stitched things from the pin pals...

...are perfect for that moment in late January when, despite the past few days' thaw, you realize that spring is, in fact, not really around the corner after all.

available here.

22 January 2010

from russia with love

Have you seen Aino's photos from St. Petersburg? I want to go to Russia so badly, and these lovely images are just making me more sure of that fact.

20 January 2010

toast sale

Since the few days of thaw we had here in Montreal have come to an end, I'm forcing myself to get my mind away from springy thoughts. Instead, I'm taking refuge in cheery coats, pretty tunics, warm sweaters, and other lovely things, all currently on sale at Toast.

17 January 2010

vintage jewelry

Inspired by Kate's post about the wonderfully curated vintage jewelry shop Erie Basin, I browsed around the store's site a while earlier. Each piece is uniquely beautiful and interesting, especially the lyre pendant above, which is made partially of - wait for it - human hair. How creepily wonderful.

08 January 2010

spring on my mind

Well, I've got spring on my mind. Which is a bad thing, considering it's January in Montreal. But folks are starting to murmur about spring collections, and all those bare legs and parka-less outfits have got me momentarily hooked. Here are some favourites from around the interwebs this week: from Shabd, Totokaelo, and Sessun.

04 January 2010

long winter farm

A friend just send over a link to this lovely Etsy shop called Long Winter Farm. They stock handmade soaps, scrubs, perfume oils, and the like. I really enjoy the simple, pretty packaging, don't you?