30 December 2010

shop update

So, ye olde Etsy shop has finally been updated with loop scarves, hats, and mittens. If you're feeling like treating yourself to a post-holiday gift, pop on over to have a look. And happy New Year! I'll be back post-January 1 with some exciting announcements and (hopefully) more frequent updates. 

06 December 2010

houston, we have an etsy shop

Bad jokes aside, yes, you read right! At long last, million dollar swim has an etsy shop. It's woefully empty right now, the result of selling out almost all of my stock at last weekend's lovely smart design mart. But I'm working on getting some new things into the shop just as soon as possible, so stay with me, okay? And in the meantime, feel free to contact me via Etsy (there's a link on the left side of the shop page) if you stopped by my booth at smart design mart and saw something you liked.

02 December 2010

million dollar swim at smart design mart

Dear friends, I haven't been around here much these days, but I just wanted to swing by and let you know that million dollar swim will be at Montreal's Smart Design Mart this weekend, with lots of cozy knitted things and homemade jam for you to purchase! So stop by, okay? Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 11 - 6, at 160 St. Viateur E., 2nd floor.

25 August 2010


first fall

Though I absolutely hate the tendency to begin thinking and planning for fall when I'm trying to cling to the last bits of summer,  I couldn't resist putting together a few things I'm thinking about for that unnamable season.

11 August 2010

indoor garden

I think I'm going to have to recreate this cute project in my living room as soon as I get back to Montreal!

09 August 2010


nearly the perfect dress, I think. 

(from here.)

05 August 2010

je ne sais quoi

The clothes this girl is wearing are so not my style - would never buy leopard, would never buy orange - but, just the same, I really can't get enough of this photo (from the Sartorialist).

04 August 2010

summer veggies

These days I have so been enjoying eating delicious summer veggies (fresh tomatoes! grilled zucchini!) from local farms. I'd like to put this print in my kitchen and look at it all winter long....

25 June 2010

i wish i lived...

This house is a bit more modern than my usual style, but oh, that cathedral ceiling / window combination is amazing. 

Happy weekend, all! See you next week.

23 June 2010

dishcloths by the seasons

Claudia Pearson makes the loveliest printed sackcloth dish towels, one design for each season. By the end of the year you'll be able to buy a set of four.

17 June 2010

pauper voile

Lovely, just-offbeat-enough scarves from Pauper Voile. Via Frances May

11 June 2010

i wish i lived...

here, taking baths all day long!

Happy friday, all. I'm so happy to be spending a week with my family at our home on Nantucket. Hope your weekends are equally sunny and fun.

(image via Skona Hem.)

07 June 2010

monday flowers

from Saipua. Because it's finally stopped raining in Montreal (just in time for me to leave for a week. Ah well).

01 June 2010

12 May 2010

a new project

Friends, here are a couple quick photos of some experimenting I've been doing recently that might turn into a new project. Mostly, I've just been having fun tinkering around for now. But an Etsy shop may really be on the way this time, so I'll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, I'd love some feedback. 

04 May 2010

home inspiration

It seems likely that I'll be moving into a new apartment in a couple of months, and so I'm starting to think about decorating, redecorating, and what the space would look like in a perfect world. Scanning the archives of Bliss, Emma's Designblogg, and My Scandinavian Retreat yielded much daydreaming in that regard.

23 April 2010


Some photographs I'm into these days, all recently posted here.

30 March 2010

Is this perfection I see before me?

Steven Alan does it again. I'd live in these clothes all summer long if I could.

25 February 2010

outside it's snowing...

But this cheery outfit has me thinking of spring. Totokaelo gets it right every time.

23 February 2010

new feminisms

I got my copy of Matrix 85 today, happily. I have a review in the magazine, which is nice, but the more noteworthy thing is that this is the "New Feminisms" issue, one more in a series of recent publications devoted to innovative Canadian writing by women. The magazine looks beautiful and if you're in Canada I think you should really buy a copy, because it's full of just great, challenging work. And if you can't pick up a copy, there's still the online supplement to be found on Matrix's above-linked website.

This focus on new women's writing is incredibly important - as Karis Shearer and Melanie Bell write in their introduction to the New Feminisms issue, contemporary mainstream culture is rife with post-feminism, leading to questions like: "Has feminism accomplished all that it set out to do? Is it irrelevant to a portion of the younger generation?" Of course, no, feminism can not be seen as a done deal - to cite an over-used but effective example, women earn more university degrees than men, but are paid on average only 77% of what men are. Among other things, innovative writing by women challenges this reality, pushes readers to question the status quo. Here's to hoping that the recent attention paid to innovative feminist writing is only the beginning of a renewed conversation, a chance to, as Shearer and Bell wrote, "throw open the door of this dialogue wide and see what would come through."

10 February 2010

25 January 2010

cheery, cross stitched things from the pin pals...

...are perfect for that moment in late January when, despite the past few days' thaw, you realize that spring is, in fact, not really around the corner after all.

available here.

22 January 2010

from russia with love

Have you seen Aino's photos from St. Petersburg? I want to go to Russia so badly, and these lovely images are just making me more sure of that fact.