28 March 2009

made by anna

Friends, I know I have been a miserable failure of a blogger of late. But in hopes that you won't hold it against me, here are some whimsical little collages from Made by Anna. They're really bright and springy and wholly suited to the sunny Montreal morning I'm surrounded by. Anna has a blog, here, and her Etsy shop is here if you want to poke around.

16 March 2009

apc spring dresses

Aren't these new spring dresses from APC lovely? I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait until I can start going outside in just dresses like this and no coat or boots!

09 March 2009

back from europe! and spring things.

Hi all! I've been back from Switzerland and Austria for about a week now and am slowly readjusting to non-vacation life. There's a very imposing stack of work in front of me that needs to all get done in the next month, so my posting may be a bit sparse until then. But, since it's finally starting to feel a little bit like spring outside, I thought I'd share these lovely, springy headbands with you, from Handle & Spout. Don't they put you in an absolutely spring-like mood?