30 June 2009

in memoriam

Pina Bausch died this morning. We will miss her creativity, we will miss her spirit.

26 June 2009

summer in pictures

Doesn't the latest edition of the 3191 poster series capture the feeling of summer perfectly? I love all the poster sets that Maria and Stephanie release - a new set comes out every time the seasons change - but this one feels especially perfect to me right now. Don't you think?

25 June 2009

summer dressing...

...courtesy of one of my faves, the APC/Jessica Ogden collaboration APC Madras.

(photos from la garconne).

17 June 2009

if I had $225 lying around...

...I would absolutely use it to buy one of these drop-dead-gorgeous (but in my opinion wildly overpriced) corsages from Ban.do.

{seen first on Frolic!}

15 June 2009

summer sandals

The weather is finally beautiful out here, and my changeover from shoes to sandals has officially taken place. However, my old, old, old, favourite brown sandals are wildly comfy but literally falling apart. In the spirit of (possibly) replacing them, here are some of my current faves, from Anthropologie


07 June 2009


Hi all. After a few weeks of extreme busy-ness, I'm back and apologizing for falling off the facing of the blogging world. For now, I'll leave you with a video of the amazing - and when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING - Montreal group Coal Choir. I was lucky enough to see them perform at a concert I went to recently, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Enjoy!