28 January 2009

wayne pate

I've been a fan of Wayne Pate's work for quite a while now, but I love his newest batch of silkscreens even more than most. Best of all, his prints are beautifully done but still totally affordable. See more great designs here

p.s. the degree to which the tour de france print reminds me of my dad is kind of ridiculous!

21 January 2009

internet storytelling

Anyone notice that internet videos are spreading like wildfire these days? One of the things I'm really liking right now on the internet is the slew of videos that, in their own ways, tell small stories about people. A good example is Fifty People One Question, a new-ish initiative where a couple of filmmakers decided to travel around to different cities and ask 50 people there the same question. And then film their responses. What's great about this is that the way someone answers any given question, along with their appearance and body language, can speak volumes about who they are. 

19 January 2009

here's to polaroid

image from lolabot       

No need to mourn the impending loss of polaroid film any longer, friends! It's not going anywhere, thanks to an Austrian businessman who just might have a plan to ensure that our collective polaroid stash is safe and sound. Check out the deets here, and thanks alyson for this tip!

16 January 2009

new shirts!

Brand new for 2009, shirts by million dollar swim. They're hand-printed sustainable edition american apparel tanks and there are definitely more to come after this. Feel free to leave me your thoughts, and stay tuned for a few more versions and, hopefully, an etsy shop on the way!

09 January 2009

sartorialist archives

I was looking through old Sartorialist posts and came across this one from a while ago that I love love love. The way she layers all the different monochrome textures is perfect. See more Sartorialist goodness here

06 January 2009


My beautiful new Ilee calendar tells me its 2009 - already! So never fear, friends, I haven't fallen off the map, I've just been relaxing for the past couple of weeks and enjoying the holidays. But I'm back, and there will be much more good stuff coming your way, starting now.