14 December 2008

the advent conspiracy

So we've been hearing so much about the recession and people cutting back this holiday season in an effort to save much-needed cash. What we haven't been hearing about is the idea that perhaps we should cut back for other reasons. This film gives one such excellent reason: the money America spends each holiday season could actually be used to solve the world's clean water crisis 45 billion times over. Kind of puts things in perspective, no? 

I decided a while ago to try and make as many gifts as possible by hand this year, or to buy them from the independent artists who sell their wares on Etsy. If you want some more unorthodox gift ideas, visit rethinkingchristmas.com for inspiration. And to donate time or money to the Advent Conspiracy, the folks responsible for this video, this is the place. 

12 December 2008


So terrariums have been making the rounds recently, and I've decided I really really like them. For the less diy-inclined among us, here are some ready-made terrariums from the Oak Leaves on Etsy. (via design sponge)

11 December 2008

chic playing cards

Love this stylish set by Donald Sultan. He originally drew the graphics in charcoal and crayon; pick them up here.

10 December 2008

cursive design

I absolutely love these beautiful pieces from Chicago-based artist Sarah Fox of Cursive Design. She not only makes lovely glass and ceramic housewares, but also sells her own prints and jewelry in her shop. Definitely click here and take a look.

09 December 2008

wiksten winter collection

How great are all these pieces from the new Wiksten winter collection? Jenny Gordy designs and sews very limited quantities of her pieces out of her home in Kansas City, and everything she makes is lovely. The collection goes on sale here tomorrow; if it's anything like past seasons, it'll be sold out by the end of the day.

07 December 2008

holiday '08 gift guide (part 2)

Hi all, just thought I'd send some more gift-worthy ideas your way. Enjoy! 

above: Morris + Essex handprinted cards, $24 for 9

Local Library abc necklace, $35

Lisa Congdon print, $25

romawinkel hand-painted coasters, $36 for 4

Jessica Rose cashmere slouch hat, $48

Shakespeare print by lizzyhouse, $75

Madewell printed wool scarf, $42

03 December 2008

holiday cards

made in my screen-printing course at drawn & quarterly. more screen-printing adventures on the way...

02 December 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year

 No, I don't mean the holiday season, I mean McGill's winter exam period. That three-week-long saga of library-going, panic-attack-having, and exam-writing that all of us students must endure before we can enjoy the holidays. To that end, I thought this was a fitting way to start it all off...