25 August 2010


first fall

Though I absolutely hate the tendency to begin thinking and planning for fall when I'm trying to cling to the last bits of summer,  I couldn't resist putting together a few things I'm thinking about for that unnamable season.

11 August 2010

indoor garden

I think I'm going to have to recreate this cute project in my living room as soon as I get back to Montreal!

09 August 2010


nearly the perfect dress, I think. 

(from here.)

05 August 2010

je ne sais quoi

The clothes this girl is wearing are so not my style - would never buy leopard, would never buy orange - but, just the same, I really can't get enough of this photo (from the Sartorialist).

04 August 2010

summer veggies

These days I have so been enjoying eating delicious summer veggies (fresh tomatoes! grilled zucchini!) from local farms. I'd like to put this print in my kitchen and look at it all winter long....