07 July 2009

summer darks

Friends, I'll be honest with you. I hate wearing black in the summertime. For me, summer and black just do not mesh. When it's warm and breezy out, I want to wear colours, patterns and the like. However! These summery blacks, as styled (in their wonderful, non-derivative manner) by the folks at Totokaelo, almost make me want to change my mind. Each of these looks feels fresh even though it's dark, which is, I think, a necessary quality for summer dressing.

{from top: rag & bone, rag & bone, rag & bone, zero + maria cornejo, apc, zero + maria cornejo}


melly said...

I'm coveting that APC dress!

One another note, i wanted to let you know i've drop you an email - so do check your inbox!

amelia said...

I knowww I love it so much too!