13 May 2011

it's spring!

And this is exactly how I want to dress.

Above, the inspiration, from The Sartorialist.

Below, variations on the theme by Up the Wooden HillsAnna Allen, and Loup Charmant.

10 March 2011

if only...

... I had $395 lying around, I'd definitely consider spending it on this gorgeous vintage ChloĆ© dress. That neckline! So lovely. 

Photo from Allen Company 

03 March 2011

fay andrada

Aren't these new pieces from Fay Andrada beautiful? There's something very unusual about the delicate, geometric shapes that I love. Fay makes all these pieces by hand, and after taking a jewellery-making course last year, I have such admiration for that—it's not easy!

First seen on Wikstenmade; photos by Fay Andrada

18 February 2011

million dollar swim at victoire

Hi friends! I know it's been a while since I've stopped by, but things have been busy. Some news for you, though: you can now buy million dollar swim scarves, hats, and mitts at Victoire, in Ottawa. Doesn't the shop look lovely? If you're in and around Ottawa, definitely stop by and say hello to Katie and Regine, the two wonderful owners.

In other news, I'll be selling jam at Puces Pop the first weekend in March! So Montreallers, mark your calendars.

Photo via Victoire

30 December 2010

shop update

So, ye olde Etsy shop has finally been updated with loop scarves, hats, and mittens. If you're feeling like treating yourself to a post-holiday gift, pop on over to have a look. And happy New Year! I'll be back post-January 1 with some exciting announcements and (hopefully) more frequent updates. 

06 December 2010

houston, we have an etsy shop

Bad jokes aside, yes, you read right! At long last, million dollar swim has an etsy shop. It's woefully empty right now, the result of selling out almost all of my stock at last weekend's lovely smart design mart. But I'm working on getting some new things into the shop just as soon as possible, so stay with me, okay? And in the meantime, feel free to contact me via Etsy (there's a link on the left side of the shop page) if you stopped by my booth at smart design mart and saw something you liked.

02 December 2010

million dollar swim at smart design mart

Dear friends, I haven't been around here much these days, but I just wanted to swing by and let you know that million dollar swim will be at Montreal's Smart Design Mart this weekend, with lots of cozy knitted things and homemade jam for you to purchase! So stop by, okay? Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 11 - 6, at 160 St. Viateur E., 2nd floor.